Let the little children come

June 7, 2015 

Hello from Kenya! Our Impact Trip team just finished up our second day in country and we have been fortunate to spend a lot of time at the CARE for AIDS center in Githurai. This morning after church we enjoyed lunch and fellowship with the church leadership and had some time to get to know the children and community members. One thing that was immediately evident about the church is that they have a passion for children.

As the team members were getting to know the kids after lunch, we realized that many of them had come to the service without their parents. The church has created an atmosphere that is so warm and welcoming that all of the children in the community flock to the compound on Sunday mornings. Seeing so many children and watching our staff and church leaderhip interact and love on them was inspiring to say the least.

CARE for AIDS is committed to orphan prevention, and seeing our partner churches in Kenya take such care to minister to children- not just children of our clients, but the children in the entire community- is the most incredible encouragement.

We ask that you pray for the church leaders and center staff at Githurai, and for our Impact Trip team this week as we learn from and minister to the clients and church members in Githurai.