Learning to Live At Peace

August 17, 2015 

Rose Auma became an orphan at a very young age. She’s also a widow with one son. But those labels do not define her completely. There is much more to be discovered about this young woman.

Rose met her husband when he was working in Nairobi, and she was employed as a housemaid. They moved away from the city together to a rural slum where they lived until his death in 2002. After he passed, Rose started her own small business as a means of staying busy and providing for her son. Soon, she received a report from distant relatives that her sister, Esther, had been taken to the hospital and was HIV positive.

And, sadly, so was she.

“Thankfully, I have never been sick,” she says of her diagnosis. “My life has continued as normal because I am committed to my medication. And thanks to CARE for AIDS, I have good nutrition, as well.”

Today, Rose says her biggest concern is making sure her sister receives the care she needs, but resources are often slim. Still Rose is encouraged.

“I am a committed member of my church,” she says. “And I am revived when I go there.”

“Most of all,” Rose continues, “I am learning to live at peace.”


Francis’ story is one of 100 staff and client stories captured in the CARE for AIDS coffee table book, 100 Faces.