November 2013

This morning’s blog comes to us from Kenyan staff member Robert: 

When I mention the name Joyce Amolo, I know this is not a new name for most of us. For the last five or so months in our prayer requests this name has been repeated many times. Joyce has been in the hospital bed for more than four months suffering from various conditions. She had anemia and cervical cancer.

She is a born again Christian and a mother of three. I have known Joyce since she joined the program. When she was joining the program she had a green grocer business. Before the sickness overcame her, she was able to attend to her small business.

Some few months down the line while in our program she started getting sick, going in and out of the hospital. Later on she was admitted in hospital and booked for an operation. It was not an easy thing to deal with bearing in mind she could not afford for the treatment. But she kept trusting God with her situation. By the grace of God after the admission in the hospital she started on treated even without having paid. After she underwent the operation, she was to stay in the hospital for three months.

After she was discharged, she stayed in a hospital for almost a month because she had some unpaid hospital bill that she could not raise. Through the intervention of a community health program, they released her without pay.

While in the hospital, her kids were living with her eldest daughter who is married in the neighborhood. However, the daughter was unable to pay her mother’s house rent, so she gave it back to the landlord.

Some days before the graduation, our two social workers, Tom and Salome, visited in her house and were able to supply her with a first aid bucket that contains many items in it that helps a client in her condition. She is now able to walk.

On Friday the 25th, Joyce was among other clients who graduated the Kawangware phase three. There was much joy in her also in other clients when they saw her in their midst. They all stood and clapped their hands all the way until she got in front of the whole congregation. It was great to hear her testimony. She testified and said, “No man did this to me but God. I never thought I will leave the hospital alive. Who thought I will be alive today”?

Please continue praying with Joyce for full recovery from sickness. She wishes to get back to her business and get back into her own house since she is being accommodated in a friend’s home. I wish to thank everyone for your prayers and support for Joyce, may God bless you.