February 2014

This morning we will hear from our Limuru Regional Coordinator, Robert Mwangi

This is one of those moments in life that is hard to forget. It was my very first week at CARE for AIDS in 2010. As the new regional coordinator for the Limuru region, I was getting acquainted with the work. It was March of 2010, and my plan of action was to lead home visits with Imani shade center, which was situated at Imani Baptist Church in Karajee Limuru.

So, I woke up that morning prepared to join the center staff, Humphrey and Rosemary, to conduct home visits in the village. After conducting some visits in the morning hours, we went for a lunch break and met in the afternoon to do more visits before we finished the day.  After two successful home visits in the afternoon, we made our last visit for the day at Jane’s home.

Jane was one of the clients in the third phase at our Imani shade center.  When we arrived at her gate, it was closed and we had to shout her name. A small voice answered, “Open the gate, its not locked, and come in” when we got into the compound, Jane was still in the house but the door to her house was not closed. She was at the door and asked us to come in and have a seat. This was my first visit to her home, but it wasn’t a first for Humphrey and Rosemary. With a very weak voice she said. ”Welcome, I am happy to see you…I am sorry I have this bad cough and I feel weak today.”

From where she was seated, we greeted her and she asked Rosemary, “Who is this young man?” Rosemary answered, “this is Robert he joined the ministry and he now works with us”

“Ok and welcome -feel in the right place with the right people” Humphrey said, “please excuse me, I need to get to another meeting, but I know you will like Robert.” After that he left.

I introduced myself, starting with where I come from, how I came to live here, where I was working before and how I got connected to CFA. She was very excited to hear that. This led us to a lengthy discussion and she began asking me several questions.  She knew some of the people I mentioned in my introduction and also some places that I had mentioned. Looking weak, she stood and got a pot that was on a table just next to her and some cups and served us tea. She sat back down next to Rosemary and asked that we thank God for the cup of tea, so she prayed.

As we had tea, I kept her engaged in the discussion. I noticed there was no body else in the house, just a cat that kept getting up and down the seats and a cow that looked pregnant, which I had noticed before getting in the house. I couldn’t help but wonder, who could have prepared this tea and who fed the cow? I then noticed that there were some photos of her and other people hanging on the wall. I now knew I would get answers to my questions. I asked her to help us know the people who were in the photo. She asked me to get them from the wall and she introduced every one of them. The photos were of her family members. There was one of her with her husband, her two sons and one with her daughter. I asked, “And where are they today?”

“My husband works far from home, my first born son is in college, my other son went to look for a college to join next month but he is coming back today and my daughter is in a boarding high school.” She looked happy and exited while showing us the photos.

As we left the house she was very thankful for our visit and she asked us to keep visiting her. She asked us to pray for her health, her family and her children’s schooling. We left the home having fulfilled our mission for the day and I felt very blessed having touched someone’s life. I had faith that Jane would get well soon.

Fast-forward to today- four Years down the line. Jane recently visited Duncan in his office on her way from her farm. After they finished meeting, Duncan asked me to come see her. I was very excited to see Jane, but at first she didn’t recognize me. I went ahead and asked her several questions that made her remember me very well.

“Oh my Goodness!” she exclaimed as she remembered, “Robert, you look good and different! Remember you prayed for my children? The first-born son finished college and now he is working, my second son is finishing college in a few months time and my daughter joined college. Do you remember the pregnant cow? Now I have several, and the one you left un-born is now expecting and she will have a calf any day now.  Am now blessed of the Lord, you need to come and witness”

Jane is also working with her church as an educator in a local program that works with the children in the community. The program helps children in finding their talents and gifts when they are still young. She also helps them use their gifts and talents in a godly way. This month, on Feb 15th 2014 she is even hosting a community clean-up day. She is mobilizing children in the community to participate in the activity. Apart from the community work, she still does farming and keeps cows, which give her daily earning by selling milk.

Jane now is very healthy, happy and settled. She is taking her medication as required by the doctor and she has maintained good nutrition.  She is born again and strong in her Faith in Christ. She is the kind of a person you would want to listen to all the time.

Meeting Jane made me have the reassurance of the faithfulness of God to the people we serve through CARE for AIDS in Kenya. It has been four years since Jane graduated from our Program. This is a testimony that CFA offers true transformation and empowerment to our clients.