February 2014

This morning’s post is from a recent press release by a wonderful friend of CARE for AIDS- enjoy!

The scope and longevity of the global AIDS crisis are sufficiently daunting that it is sometimes eclipsed by other causes. For the CARE for AIDS team, though, it is the entire scope of their work. This month the nonprofit is celebrating the graduation its 3,000th Kenyan client and opening of its 18th center based in Kenya.

Through the nine-month CARE for AIDS program, the Kenyan participants receive medical and spiritual counseling that empowers them to take their health into their own hands and live long, healthy lives. The program also includes nutritional support along with training in skills for managing medication and maintaining a steady income. Clients become part of a community that continues to support them past the end of the program as they manage their HIV status….to continue, visit the press release here.