I left the church to become the church

May 2013

I came to realize that most of what l did in the church had no meaning to anything….l seemed to have spent most of my time and effort making sure l had a thing to spend my time, money and efforts on. At my church, we would collect money so we can spend the money, so we can collect the money and spend it.

I became tired and worn out and abused to a point l felt l needed to leave the church. I was still a faithful believer of Jesus Christ, and l started thinking the problem was the pastor or perhaps me personally. I started looking for answers and solutions to this problem.

So l stepped out of the church into what l would describe evangelistic ministry. Moving from one church, one community, one country doing missions and evangelism in hopes that l could find the solution to my problems. My crisis of faith had come as a conclusion that the church was a meaningless social club, while l certainly realized there were some exceptions out there- but l didn’t find any.

I know this sounds harsh or mean, but it is the truth that led me to stepping out of the church and getting involved with CARE for AIDS ministry, l came to realize most of our churches did not step out of the four corners of their buildings. For the most part, their impact on the day to day lives of most people is none existent.

One day as l was ministering to an ailing couple, they literally kicked me out of their house as they said that the Jesus l was sharing with them was no practical use in their lives. They argued “Where was He, when we got infected with AIDS, where is He now that we are dying in bed of the disease?” If He was present, they would not have gone hungry for days, left alone in the stigma and isolation they had received from the church and the community. They had lost everything in life, and, with no friends, they had given up to a point of what they were waiting for. It was only death.

CARE for AIDS is here to bridge this gap between the torn society and Christ the Savior. John 13:34, 35 stood out very clearly in me during this moment. l began to realize that people are turned off by the hypocrisy and irrelevance of much of modern church. People want to be a part of something that has a purpose. They want action and not lip service. Works and not just words. They want something authentic and compelling. They want Christ in us, the hope of glory, even if they do not yet know it.

They need someone to show the way and this is why we are commanded to let our light to shine before men, that they may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven. Matthew 5:6. – How long will we hide our lamps under the basket, shuttered within the safety of our church walls in the fields that are ripe for harvest? Men and women of God, may Christ find your lamps trimmed, brightly burning when He returns.