How Was Africa?

December 2013

This morning’s blog comes from a participant from our most recent Impact Trip, Ashley Williams

I have been back from Kenya for over 48 hours. I have caught up with a lot of close friends and have spent a day back in the hustle and bustle of work and the “corporate” office. The first question from most is, “How was Africa”? I almost feel that it’s a trick question! You want me to try and find an everyday, average word to describe the most extraordinary experience I’ve had in my mere 28 years of life? Well after some time to process about all that happened in those 7 days, I have come up with 3 words J

  1. Intentional—I was blown away at how everything that Care For Aids does is really planned out to lead the clients and the Kenyan staff in the best way possible. A center is partnered with a local church in a low poverty area so that the health and spiritual counselors can have the most access to those who are in need of help fighting the disease of HIV and AIDS. All the centers employ Kenyans so that CFA is pouring back in the economies of the people who actually live and work there (by velandia). These are just a few examples of the intentionality I experienced during the Impact Trip.
  2. Joy—The definition of joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness; rejoice. Let there be no discrepancy about this issue, the people who are a part of the Care For Aids program: clients and staff—are FILLED WITH JOY. I don’t know what my expectation was before arriving in Kenya but I was surprised and delighted to see that despite living in extreme poverty, having very little material possessions and a lot of clients dealing with the loss of loved ones due to HIV/AIDS the people in Kenya were some of the most joy filled people I have ever encountered. They had life and they had community and not much else mattered.
  3. Invested—Care For Aids is in this for the long haul. They aren’t leaving Kenya or Africa anytime soon. This wasn’t a short team endeavor from young entrepreneurs who wanted to be famous or “make it” on the merit of good deeds. This is an organization that has seen that with health (spiritual and medical) taken care of a person who has HIV or AIDS can live a long, prosperous life and they are going to see that as many Kenyans as possible have that same opportunity. If you want to be invested to mission and vision of CFA you can be, visit here.

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. —Desmond Tutu