Hope Lasts

March 2015 

David is a young man, just twenty-nine years old. And he is HIV positive.

David has a wife and two children, one of whom tragically passed away. He is a husband and a father.

And he is a child of God.

David discovered he was HIV positive when he got sick and went to receive treatment for typhoid fever. He felt better for a short time but, eventually, everything got worse.

“I was so weak,” he says. “I couldn’t walk. I just woke up and sat. I said, ‘What is happening?’ My body was so flat. It was so, so small.”

He went back to get more treatment and the doctors asked if they could test him for HIV. He agreed. And when the results came back positive, David says he felt like his life was finished…until he met Monica, a Health Counselor with CARE for AIDS.

“Monica gave me transport to the clinic. She kept telling me, ‘Do not be afraid. God is with you.’ I got [HIV] drugs at the clinic. They fed me and served me in a good way. Now, I can take what I get there, go out and find my friends, and tell them what I know.”

After his diagnosis, David’s faith grew. And because of his hard work and dedication to implementing what he has learned through the CARE for AIDS program, he finally has hope…the kind of hope that lasts.

“I am so strong now,” he says boldly. “I am happy for what God has given me. I go to the [CARE for AIDS] center with my family, and I am humbled. I can’t fight with anyone. I am not angry. I have peace now that I am saved. In God, I can do anything.”