Holistic Impact

June 2013

CARE for HIV/AIDS Organization has continued being the light of Christ and as Christ said “No one lights a lamp and puts it under a table, but the light must be placed on top of the table for there to be light.” I would call this light “IMPACT” that this light in form of impact has been placed on top and the “darkness” in terms of lack of ignorance has been consumed by the light. I see this impact holistically, that is among the CFA personnel, the church, the community, and country.

Having graduated thousands of clients and equipping them with hands on skills to generate income, among these graduated men and women more than hundreds of new businesses have been established. This puts a smile on my face each time I meet them in their businesses. They say that CFA’s approach is a unique approach because it treats them with love and care. AS the body of Christ, CFA  has preached the gospel and 613 souls have come to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and this has enabled CFA to continue achieving its mission.

In most of the churches, HIV/AIDS has been one of those diseases that they do not talk about because most of the church leaders believe it is brought about by “immoral behavior.” CFA has intervened and enabled the church to see the broader picture. The church leadership in the partner churches has been able to “embrace” the men and women by supporting every initiative of the CFA projects. Through this the church has become a place to “run to” rather than a place to “run from.” It has been a place of refuge and the client have been able to see God at work in the church.

I believe that if CFA was not there God could have used another avenue to fulfill His purpose for this men and women, but l would say I am glad when He spoke to us on this vision we listened and obeyed and now we are living to fulfill the will of God and living to fulfill His purpose in our lives. The church has been the best avenue to fight stigma in the community. Since as the church embraces these clients, the community also embraces them. These clients are able to walk with their heads lifted up and live a normal life but not as outcasts. With CFA’s projects initiative, pastors understand in a deeper level the needs of the church and the pastors attend to these clients as their flock and instead of a generalized preaching of the gospel. The shepherd-sheep relationship is created and this was Jesus’s approach when he was on earth.

CFA initiative has enabled the field staff to live to fulfill their God given assignment and this gives me the assurance that this work we will pursue with passion. Before CFA commenced most of these social workers worked in these churches, but they also felt that there was more they could do. CFA helped fill the blanks by giving them an opportunity to serve God and created job opportunities for them. In Kenya one of the hindrances we face is lack of employment, CFA has contributed to the growth of the economy in creating jobs.

I would say holistic impact because all CFA staff get opportunity for training every year to sharpen their knowledge on the HIV/AIDS pandemic, parenting and counseling skills among others. This makes our staff to be well-rounded and spread the gospel even outside work, in their respective communities where CFA has not yet reached.