December 2013

When you hear the word GROWTH, what comes to your mind? I would like to share a definition I deduced from the weekly devotion at CARE for AIDS family, this is a story of a butterfly, the butterfly goes through four life cycles in order for it to become complete and this process is known as METAMORPHOSIS and the most amazing thing is that It’s close to or the exact process that has taken place for me at CFA and contributed to my definition of GROWTH.

I would like to concentrate on the third stage and the fourth stage (the pupa stage), which is where the butterfly is inside a compartment, from the outside it looks still, no movement, but this is where the ACTION is taking place, that is it gets to form its beautiful feathers, limbs and it takes its shape: This stage and process matches with my GROWTH process at CARE for AIDS for the past year. This has taken place by being given leadership opportunities and being entrusted with initiatives, also Spiritual growth is another area that onscale of 1-10, I would rate myself at 7 – this is through the weekly devotions that cut across almost all areas of personal development but with a Christian perspective. This has grafted attributes …I have become innovative and proactive, whereas before I was passive, laid back and afraid.  But God brought me to CFA to experience Metamorphosis and eventually, to learn the art of flying.

There is a saying that “You do not see yourself grow; You realize you have grown”. During the metamorphosis it is very challenging, I have to think outside the box, think of it as responsibility and accountability to God, rememberPhilippians 2:13;

“For it is God who works in us to will and to do for his good pleasure”

This verse helps me to remember that in everything God places in my hand to do, it is Him who will work in me to do it for his good Pleasure or Glory and thendo it with the spirit of excellence. I have also learned that surrendering everything to God is also a form of GROWTH, because with this surrender, inwardly is where transformation is happening and when God places a test before you, that transformation experienced in the cocoon enables you to fly with confidence.

When the Butterfly breaks the covering in order for it to fly, it’s also a process because it looks into the environment, some parts are visible some are not visible but the butterfly has to make a decision to fly or to just remain fixed under the leaf. I have related a lot of what has happened to me personally with the butterfly but the amazing reality is that we are not butterflies and according to my thinking for us human beings transformation happens even outside the cocoon and everyday is a day to be transformed and renewed. If this attitude remains in us coupled up with a personal active relationship with God then GROWTH is inevitable. God has also promised to enable us to fly on wings like an eagle — meaning there are no heights we cannot reach, no problem we cannot solve, no task we cannot perform and most of all we can do all things through Christ that gives us strength and that realization is in itself spiritual growth.

In conclusion, in this context, GROWTH is an ongoing process that takes place in the inside of a person and it influences the way a person thinks, solves problems, relates with people, and makes decisions.