God Is In Control

March 2015

Emily Karimi doesn’t define herself by her HIV status, although it would be an easy thing to do in a country where the disease has been considered an epidemic for years. But Emily calls herself a mother, a wife, and a follower of Jesus.

She’s also a participant in her local CARE for AIDS program. She was originally tested for HIV when she was pregnant with her son. While she was expecting, Emily learned she had contracted the disease from her husband, a discovery she says was one of the most difficult things she’s ever had to face.

I had a hard time,” she says. “But whenever I came to the [CARE for AIDS] clinic, I submitted my life to Jesus.

Since that day, Emily has received the physical and spiritual support she needs to live a healthy life. With proper nutrition and medical care, she says she now has hope to keep moving forward, and perhaps, even meet her grandchildren one day.

To live long is what I want,” she says. “And when I asked Him to, God interfered. There will always be difficulties, but God is in control.”


Elizabeth’s story is one of 100 staff and client stories in the CARE for AIDS coffee table book. Click here to learn more about this project.