Food is a form of love

April 2013 

One part of the CFA process that is integral to the work we do in Kenya is our food program.  We have explored this need before on this blog and in conversations with donors, but I wanted to re-explain how food is given and why.

We know that “why” is always central to inspiration and action.  So, here’s our “why” in the form of a quote that I’ve loved for quite some time by Billie Holiday.

“You’ve got to have something to eat and a little love in your life before you can hold still for anybody’s sermon on how to behave.”


The facts are that HIV medication cannot be taken without food, and that many of our clients do not have the means to obtain food sustainably. It does us no good to educate and encourage a possibility that is not possible. When one is sick and discouraged, telling them to try harder to be healed will not do any good. In fact, it’s further debilitating.

Instead, we follow Jesus’ model even during his sermon on the mount when he fed 5,000 people so they could listen, be encouraged and inspired, and then return to their homes with strength and love in their spirits and bones.

Our clients currently receive food during their 9 months in our program on days where they receive education, counseling, and training. In effect, they are being paid in food for their “internship” in HIV/AIDS Management, which in turn will help them provide for their families during this time of preparation.

We’re thankful for current food partners like Feeding Children Everywhereand donors who specifically help us with this cost. Because of its high expense, we’re currently looking for more food partners who can help us make it possible to reach even more clients, not to make them dependent, but to strengthen their bodies so they can be empowered to create a sustainable lifestyle for their families.

Will you help? If you know organizations who are passionate about doing this ministry, we’d love to reach out and have a conversation