August 2014

This morning, we have a story to share with you from two of our Spiritual and Health Counselors, Frederick and Rose, from their recent class at Githurai Center. This class of 82 clients was the first group to go through the program at Githurai, and the whole team is so proud of this incredible group of clients. Below is a story of one of the clients whose story deeply impacted Rose and Frederick. 

Faith realized she was HIV positive while she was sitting in a courtroom.Her husband was on trial for sexually abusing their daughter, and as he confessed his guilt, he told the judge that he was HIV positive, and had abused the young girl because he had believed that it would cure him of his disease.

That day, Faith’s life changed forever. As her husband was sentenced to prison and the realization of her and her daughter’s status sank in, Faith lost hope. Opportunistic infection related to her HIV status combined with depression put her in the hospital for several weeks, but when she returned home, she sought counsel at her local church.

Faith joined the first class of the CARE for AIDS program at her church in Githurai, and after nine months of spiritual counsel, community with her classmates, and economic empowerment/ education, Faith and her daughter are thriving. She can financially support her family, and is beginning to put the tragedy of her past and her husband’s actions behind her.