About 18 months ago, CARE for AIDS was honored with the People’s Choice Award at the 2011 Epoch Missions Gala. They created this black tie affair to celebrate and honor the work of “unsung heroes” working around the world to bring the transformative message of the Gospel through addressing issues of poverty, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, and countless other social injustices. 

In the non-profit world, it feels awkward to receive praise and recognition because we all know that God is the provider and sustainer of our work. We are simply stewards of what he has entrusted us with. That being said, our ministry leaders and missionaries need that encouragement and support more than anyone. They live, sleep, and eat the work they have been called to, and they suffer rejection and failure as much as anyone. The best gift you can offer to a ministry you support right now is to nominate it for an Epoch Award. It could result in greater funding for the ministry, new connections to potential partners, but most importantly, it will energize and encourage the ministry leader. I know it did for me.

Take a look at this short promotional video that Epoch produced of me telling about CARE for AIDS and my experience at Epoch. With only two weeks until nominations close, please take a few minutes to nominate one ministry that you believe strong best embodies the values of Epoch.