Entrepreneurship and Faith

July 23, 2015 

This morning’s post comes to us from CARE for AIDS intern, Katie Nunner. 

To me, the word entrepreneur is filled with incredible possibility. It contains some sparkle mixed with intrigue, setting off a flurry of ideas—if only we could bottle all of them up.

Many ventures start, some last, and others flourish.

But what really are entrepreneurs? Who is an entrepreneur?

The dictionary defines an entrepreneur as a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

Within Praxis, the program I’m in this summer, we’ve been discussing the intersection of theology, entrepreneurship, and culture. Instead of merely critiquing culture, we’re focusing on ways we can recreate culture according to our Christian worldview through entrepreneurship.

It’s triggered insightful conversations. We’ve discussed everything from entrepreneurship and worship to what it looks like to create a venture while you are trying to raise a family.

I’ve been imagining what it was like when CARE for AIDS started. What it was like for a group of college students to travel to Kenya and meet Cornel and Duncan? What is it like to step in faith and create CARE for AIDS?

It’s powerful to see what can happen when we identify needs and seek to create solutions. To see CARE for AIDS grow to graduating a 5,000th client and preventing 15,000 additional orphans is remarkable.

I’m inspired by the impact of CARE for AIDS and the idea that with recognizing a need and doing something about it, we can create impact.

Where do you see opportunities in your life? Are you full of entrepreneurial spirit?