Creativity Seminar

October 2013

About a year ago,  I wrote a blog about “creating creativity”. As mentioned, we noticed that the long-term success of our clients hinges on their ability to gain an income. Without money, it makes simple  necessities difficult like food, healthcare, and education. In a country where the unemployment rate is about 60 percent, their ability to earn an income depends on their ability to be unique, different, and innovative.  As a team, we put together a special seminar, we call it the Creativity Seminar, and we have gotten some really great feedback from our clients. I have personally been able to teach this seminar three times now, each time gets more  fun for me!

The seminar is aimed to facilitate a new way of seeing creative avenues for income generation. It consists of three parts. The first is  getting the brain warmed up. We talk about creativity, what it means, who is creative, and why everyone has the ability to be creative in their own way. Usually we bring in some play-dough and stretch them to exercise the right side of their brain. The key is to understand that thinking differently is a good thing. We talk about famous innovators and how they went against the grain to make some of the most important discoveries and inventions of our time. The second part is about coming up with a creative business idea. We talk about the three main ingredients for a successful business in their community: passion for the work, talent for what you are doing, and a need for their business in the community. This usually turns into a productive discussion brainstorming good ideas. Once the clients are in groups, we hand out random objects like coat hangers, 2 liter bottles, jars, and old magazines. It’s a game of “unusual uses”. In groups, the clients come up with as many different uses for the object as they can, except its intended use. For example with the coke bottle, you may be able to turn it into a bird feeder or pot for growing flowers. The last part of the seminar is discussing creative marketing. We focus on the four main P’s of marketing (product, place, price, promotion) and how clients can use these to set their business a part from others.

During the seminar, the clients have come up with some incredible ideas, including new products and new ways to make their businesses unique! With the skills we already teach and our creativity seminar, we hope our client’s businesses will provide food for their families, put their children through schools, and continue paying for healthcare coverage. As we continue teaching this to all our clients, we are excited to see the results in the next year. Feel free to leave any suggestions or comments about how we can better empower our clients through creativity and innovation!