Chapel Hill

April 2014

Community is central to what we do at CARE for AIDS, and this morning, we want to celebrate a community in North Carolina that is doing incredible work to impact families in Kenya.

Kylie White and her family are incredible supporters- as she intro’s herself on her blog:

 “My name is Kylie and I am first and foremost a daughter of God. I am married to the love of my life, John, since 2004. We have 4 children. Reese (2006), Wheeler (2008), Maran (2008), and Levi (2011). We are an adoptive family having brought home two of our children from D.R. Congo, Africa. My passion is orphan prevention and adoption”… and she is making a huge impact when it comes to orphan prevention!

About two months ago, Kylie and her family decided to commit to support a new CARE for AIDS center in a previously unreached community.  Instead of just writing a check, however, they decided to involve their own family and friends in the process.  Kylie wrote a bog post about her passion for CARE for AIDS (found here), and in just 60 days, her community donated enough to support the center for an entire year!

Kylie’s heart in asking her community to pitch in was in such a beautiful place.  She was very clear in her post that she wasn’t asking family and friends to give out of guilt or obligation- in her words:

“Stop right here and throw out any guilt-ridden feelings you have because this task should not induce that. If it does, stop reading and don’t think about it again unless God brings it up in your heart. But, if something about this excites you read on, if you- like me- are ready to trade in the mundane for the wild and get your crew on board, then lets go. We all have extra, we live in excess. We don’t think we have extra money, time, or gifts but we do. We have churches, small groups, kids, closets full of clothes, influence, gifts God has given us that are going unused. What if we cashed in together? We were at first going to do this on our own but God said no. Then as I’ve written part 1 and already gotten texts, messages and calls from people on how to get involved, I even thought, what if God funds two centers through this? Insane.”

What an incredible thought! When she and her community saw the extra that they had to give, God orchestrated some amazing generosity.  We are so excited to open the new center that the community in Chapel Hill, North Carolina has funded and we are so grateful for Kylie and her family and for their desire to include their community in their giving.

How can you include your family and friends in your giving this week- not just in the context of CARE for AIDS, but in the context of everything you do?