Brighter Future

November 2013

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today” Author Malcolm X

As we get to see the future and press on towards our great vision of transforming and empowering men and women living with the HIV virus, It is of great significance to pause and think of how far we have come, so that we can embrace the future and prepare for what it brings.

Looking back in the year 2008, the oldest and most memorable Center commenced with 80 clients.  I remember the mixed feeling of excitement, anxiety, fear and hope that we experienced compelled us to trust God the more; and looking back at the need we saw God had placed us at the RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME and throughout out the time we have continued to experience the Grace of God. Now six years later we have already 18 Centers and one more to be opened before the end of the year; Looking at the number of clients per year is 1400…Isn’t this great, seeing a dream come true? To see it clearly these are just not mere men and women living with HIV, these are lives transformed to Hope. Among these there are more than 1,000 who have come to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and this motivates me to continue to use CFA as a platform to preach the gospel.

   Also, Looking back at the CARE for AIDS staff base, I am amazed at how far we have come from having a Kenyan team of five, but now we are a Kenyan team of 47 employees, and for all these staff it was a door that opened for them to fulfill their purpose.  In every interaction with each one of them I see the passion and zeal for this assignment and it places a challenge to me of becoming a leader who glorifies God and impacts a positive impact to them.


Looking Forward, I would like to say that for CARE for AIDS local and international leadership, It is a walk of faith and our measurement of this is by looking at both quantitatively and qualitative indicators. What motivates me is God’s word to Abraham; He told him “Look, As far as you can see I will give it to you”. As I meditate upon this word and look forward, CARE for AIDS will be opening a region in the Coastal region in the year 2015, in Tanzania in the year 2017 and all over East Africa by year 2020. I would say the leaders we nurture is an amazing forecast. This is what we are seeing and so, trusting God to give to us.

There is a saying that “opportunity happens to the prepared”. I would say, by the grace of God we are getting prepared by laying down plans, background research and others for the future and to this I would say for CARE for AIDS the future is brighter.

Consider joining us as we continue working with God to fulfill his purpose.