Better Is Possible

August 20, 2015 

Yesterday was the first session of the 2015 Plywood Presents gathering. Our team has been attending Plywood Presents for three years, and each time it is extremely refreshing and energizing to hear from creatives, entrepreneurs, and people doing good all over Atlanta.

Plywood’s tagline is “we will be known for the problems we solve”, and the theme at this year’s gathering is “better is possible”. During the first session we heard from a teacher who works in some of the poorest school districts in DC, a photographer who has helped former child soldiers through art therapy, the founder of Jenni’s Ice Cream, and other incredibly inspiring problem solvers.

Every year as I sit in the audience and hear from people who have changed their worlds with their natural talents and passions, it re-energizes me in my work. I also feel compelled to re-asses my work, both professionally and in my home and community life. I love having the time to reflect and ask myselfwhat problems and I living in the midst of that I should be working toward solving? How can I make what I do every day better? 

As we hear from more makers and creatives for the rest of the week, I will be asking myself these questions and filtering their lessons through this lens. I would encourage you to step back this week and do the same- what problems can you be solving? How can you make your everyday work better?