Being You Shouldn't Be Easy

January 2014

It’s a new year and with that come new years resolutions. Most people want to lose weight, save more money, spend more time with family… mine is to be the best ME possible. Not the me that my boss, family, boyfriend or society says I should be, but just the ME that God created me to be.

Now before you get to thinking well duh, of course you should be the YOU you were created to be let me explain a little more. I recently read a blog by the Christian comedian, John Acuff. In his blog he talks about the danger in trying to be so unique that we actually end up conforming instead of truly making an impact.

As we begin to grow and develop often times we focus in on specific people we should aim to be like. While we do need role models in our lives, how much more effective could we be if we led from our strengths to become unique leaders within our communities instead of trying to replicate some “mega” leader.

I think we try to be great leaders by replicating what others do because we know those people are liked by others… and everybody at their root wants to be liked. We are afraid to be unique. But as John says in his blog, “being yourself should be unusual because no one’s ever been it.”

So what if in 2014 we all just strove to be great versions of us who led from our strengths and not the ways people expect us to. I believe that there would be a lot more leaders in the world making a significant difference if that happened. My pledge for 2014 is to be the best ME I can, no matter how unique that may be! What’s yours?