Banana Hill

February 2015

Many of you know that we recently closed the CARE for AIDS center in the Banana Hill community. This morning, we will hear the story of how our work in this community has impacted the church. 

I used to attend the church in Banana Hill and we would often do door to door evangelism in the community. In the beginning, it was very hard to breakthrough with the community. Using this same method of evangelism was not working. As soon as the CFA program started, though, everything changed. Clients started coming to the church and they gained trust with the church and with the leadership. Having the program even helped the church gain credibility in the community.



Over the years, CARE for AIDS has helped shape the leadership of Banana Hill and has helped the church to serve not only HIV+ people, but others within and outside of the church walls.

When we started CARE for AIDS at Banana Hill in 2009, there were about 80 people regularly attending the church. Now, as we end the program five years later, Sunday attendance is averaging around 250. They are even now in the midst of a campaign to expand the church so it can hold all of the new members.

The CARE for AIDS model has drastically changed the way Banana Hill does ministry. Instead of just evangelism, the church wants to meet felt needs in the community. This approach has been so successful.

To learn more about the closing of the CARE for AIDS program at Banana Hill, watch this video.