Back to School

August 2013

While to many it has just begun to feel like Summer, it is that time of year again when students head all over the nation to begin college courses and take one step closer towards their future careers. For us that means CARE for AIDS University (CFAU) is back in full swing.

Last year was the first year CARE for AIDS launched its current collegiate fundraising model, CFAU. CFAU is a platform for college students to make a global impact by raising awareness and funds for CARE for AIDS’ clients and centers. With three campuses (Vanderbilt, Truman State, & Furman) pioneering CFAU last year, nearly $65,000 was raised for CARE for AIDS and 300,000 meals were packed to be distributed to our clients. It was a truly amazing FIRST year!

With that said, we have great expectations and hopes for the upcoming school year! Our leaders just continue to amaze us. We believe God is ready to do big things on each of these campuses and not only transform CARE for AIDS, but also transform college students in the process.

I have continuously been blown away by the devotion and perseverance our college leaders and their teams have for CARE for AIDS and serving people, locally and globally. CFAU is none of our leaders only commitment. They are devoted to numerous other organizations, church, family, friends, and school, yet they know the potential they have to influence an entire group of people and give up hours of their time to make CFAU successful on their campuses.

In just a year, we have had numerous college students reach out wanting to bring CFAU to their campus. We are very excited to announce our newest additions to the CFAU family, Auburn University and Baylor University. They will be joining us this year and we couldn’t be happier to have a big SEC school (even though I will always cheer for the Crimson Tide) and a nationally recognized Christian university in our family! School rivalries aside, we are ready to see what our amazing leadership does and how Auburn and Baylor latch on and begin to fall in LOVE with CARE for AIDS as our other campuses have.

With a year under my belt as the CFAU Coordinator I am ready for this next year. Big things are sure to come. I cannot wait to see how each of our campuses thrives as we succeed, grow, and celebrate together! I am humbled by the opportunity to love on and encourage these amazing leaders as I work alongside them this year. These leaders are the future and we get to be a part of their journey!

We hope you’ll join us in praying for our teams as they begin another school year. You’ll definitely need to keep an eye out; we’re going to have a lot to celebrate this year!