Anything Long Lasting

August 2014

Yesterday some of the CARE for AIDS staff attended the kick off evening of a local conference of entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders called Plywood Presents. This is my second year attending this gathering, and I feel like I have already gained so much insight, even from the first few hours of the first day.

While looking through my notes from last night, I found an obvious theme in what I had latched onto. The big idea that seemed to thread throughout the four talks was this: if something is worth doing, it is worth spending focused time and energy on. Of course, this may seem obvious, but it is a lesson that I never really tire of learning.

Here are some of the sound bytes from last night that really flesh out this idea:

1. Anything long lasting lasting and worth while takes time and complete surrender. This quote from the founder if the Giving Kitchen is so profound to me. She makes such an excellent point- in a culture where instant results are valued, we must constantly fight against our urge to do things quickly. We have to devote time and energy to anything that is truly worth while.

2. We must always maintain a healthy discontent with the status quo. Jeff Henderson from Gwinett Church made this point, and I couldn’t agree more. All change makers see the dichotomy between what is and what could be, and that vision is always the momentum behind great things.

3. If we say “yes” to everything, we really stand for nothing. Jeff Shinabarger is the founder of Plywood People, and recently released a book called Yes or No. Last night, he spoke about how our yes’s and no’s ultimately shape us into who we are. We have to be decisive in what we say yes to, so that we can truly devote to those things the time and passion that we would otherwise be wasting.

It is always good to remind myself that all great causes take time and dedication, and that anything that is truly worth doing will demand your focus, presence, and passion. What are those things for you? 

I am certainly looking forward to day two of Plywood Presents, and will be sharing sound bytes of wisdom on the CARE for AIDS social media– feel free to follow along!