A New Way To Think About Aid

September 14, 2015 

Each month we read a book as a staff and discuss how we can learn from the content and apply it to our lives both personally and professionally. This month, we are reading Poverty of Nations by Wayne Grudem and Barry Asmus. The authors approach the topic of global aid from the perspective of an economist and a theologian, and it has proven to be an incredibly interesting read.

The book brings up many perspectives that we have discussed before as a staff and on the blog- there seem to be two opposing views regarding charity and global aid, and at CARE for AIDS we can sometimes find ourselves stuck in the middle of these viewpoints. I recently came across a TED talk by Jaqueline Novogratz about a third way to look at aid.

She argues that there is a balance that can be struck between no-strings-attached charity and market based economic survival. It is exciting to explore what entrepreneurship looks like within the contest of charity, and she speaks well to the balance we continuously try to strike in the economic empowerment aspect of the CARE for AIDS program. Take a few moments this morning to watch her talk- hopefully you will be challenged and inspired to think about all of the aspects of charity in a new light.

You can view the entire video here.