A Milestone to Remember

September 2013 

It is with great excitement that I announce our most recent CARE for AIDS milestone. Just this last week, we graduated our 3,000th client from our program! It was only two years ago to the month that we graduated our 1,000th client. While 3,000 graduates is an  remarkable achievement, it holds even greater significance when we realize that those clients collectively represent about 10,000 children who have been directly impacted. They have been given back a mother or father. The stories of those families have been forever rewritten.“When drinking the water, one should never forget who dug the well.”      – Ancient Chinese Proverb

I recently heard this ancient Chinese proverb, and I think it is fitting in this context. As I remember this incredible journey, my mind immediately goes to all of you who have dug the well. I daily drink from the waters of your generosity and our clients do as well. I’m convinced that the well that you have dug will stand the test of time and produce life-giving water for tens of thousands more clients in the years to come.

It is in these moments where it is important to remember and reflect. By remembering, we can stand in awe of God’s grace and provision through these last six years. By remembering, it also gives us a new perspective on what is to come.

“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”     – Winston Churchill

It gives me confidence to remember that these extraordinary accomplishments could only be through God’s sovereignty, not of our own strength.

It gives me peace to remember that He delivered us through every trial in His timing and for His purpose.

It gives me great honor to remember the deep relationships with all of you that have allowed me, personally, and this organization to thrive.

It gives me the most joy to know that through our collective prayers, hard work, and generosity, nearly 1,000 of those 3,000 graduates have chosen to put their trust in Christ.

They have chosen to drink from a well that produces living water and gives eternal life. Let’s not forget the sacrifice He made to dig that well.