A Good Name

September 2014

The CARE for AIDS family has been so blessed by the generosity, philanthropic heart, and incredibly passionate employees of Chick-fil-A, and we would like to take some time this morning to reflect on the legacy of Truett Cathy. Mark Miller wrote an extremely poignant blog post this week about the good name that Truett made for himself, his family and his company:

“When Truett was a child in elementary school, one of his teachers asked each student to bring in their favorite Bible verse. The teacher would select one as the verse of the week. Truett submitted Proverbs 22:1:

A good name is more desirable than great riches.

Truett’s verse was selected by his teacher and written on the board as the verse of the week.

For him, this became much more than the verse of the week – it was the verse of his life. Not only did he inscribe thousands of his books with this verse, Truett lived each day protecting and building his good name.

How did he build his good name and what can you and I learn from his example? I think one of his secrets was his consistency…”

To read the whole article, visit Mark’s Blog.

This verse is also important to our team, and we have each learned so much from the leadership principles, business acumen, and life example that Truett has imprinted on so many supporters and mentors of CARE for AIDS. We each strive to embody the principles represented in Proverbs 22- principles that, when lived out, give the good name that the Lord desires each of his people to earn.

Our prayer this week is that we would all be inspired to earn our good names, and that we would remember the great example of Godliness and service that Truett gave throughout his life.