Meet John

“Job 22 is my favorite Scripture,” says John.

It’s the story of a man who lost everything, but never turned his back on God. It’s a story that John has come to call his own.

“I was a fisherman before I met my wife,” says John of his early life in Kisumu, the second largest city in Kenya. “I got married in 1978, and God blessed us with four children…three girls and one son.”

For many years, John also worked as a mason, doing jobs in his community to take care of his family. Things were going well. But when the government instituted a program to provide medical circumcision for adult males in the early 2000s, he went along. And while he was at the hospital, he was told he had HIV.

“I took the message to my wife,” he says quietly. “And we were both [HIV] positive.”

John’s status, however, has not left him waiting quietly for death. Thanks to the care he’s received at CARE for AIDS, he says he knows the disease is now just a part of him. And it doesn’t have to overcome him.

“I can do anything as a normal man would,” he says proudly. “HIV is real, but we can still live long. I take my medicine. I go to work as usual. I take responsibility for my life.”

In addition to all his other duties at work and at home, he serves as an elder in his local church, an experience he says has changed him and his family for the better.

“I lead my family with the Word of God,” he says. “And knowing the Word has helped me have intimate relationships. People see me as a true man of God. And this is the most important thing to me.”

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