Meet Florence

This morning's post comes to us from Patrick Mbugwa- the Spiritual Counselor at Kiganjo Center in Nairobi. The current class at Kiganjo will be graduating from the program in just a few weeks. 

Florence Kathini (35), came to the center with her mother. When she joined the programme she wanted to bring the mother to me to disclose her HIV status to the mother. The mother was caught up, however, and didn’t make it. So she has been waiting for her to travel about 300km all this time. And it happened on Saturday 22nd August. 

At just five months into the programme a lot has changed. The Florence, once very weak, is robust in health. She was jobless then but is now moving on well with life earning few coins now as a house help. We enrolled her one week after being tested positive – by the way, it’s the lady that tested her who referred her to us. She did not understand what life would mean to her; she had been very battered by life. Tears kept streaming down her cheeks as she tried to cope with her situation. Now she is hopeful; she smiles big, she speaks about future and her children’s education. She has even recommitted her life to Christ.

Courageously she disclosed her status to her mother who is 70 years old. Today she brought her to the center to introduce her to me and tell her about our programme.  Readily we received her but the attitude of the mother toward her daughter encouraged us the most. It underscored the importance of psychosocial and family support that every client needs.

Although the mother is also involved with HIV patients and orphans in her village in Kitui, the support, encouragement and advice she showed revived Florence’s heart. When she is hopeful I am even more hopeful for her children; Jacqueline Kathemba (16), Faith Mawea (8), Joshua Mwenzi (3) and Laurie (new born).