6×6: Six Contributions in Six Weeks

August 16, 2012

Last week, Nick and I had the privilege of attending the Global Leadership Summit in Chicago. It was the sixth anniversary of the interview with Bono that was the catalyst for our first ever trip to Kenya. It is amazing to remember and celebrate how far God has brought us in that time. Being at the GLS is like drinking from a fire hydrant, and I always walk away with an abundance of ideas that I want to integrate into my leadership. However, I’ve learned that if I am going to be effective at any of them, I must pick one or two practices and really focus on applying those. So, today, I want to share with you a concept that Bill Hybels called “6×6.” The basis for this concept revolves around one key question:

What are the top six contributions that I can make to the organization in the next six weeks?

The reason why this question resonates with me is that in a small organization there are always a hundred things to respond to, and if I’m not careful, I’ll begin maintaining as opposed to advancing. Bill Hybels said, “God didn’t create leaders to respond to stuff but to move things forward.” I was very convicted by that statement. I want to use this opportunity to share with you six key areas that I want to focus on in the next six weeks. These may or may not be of interest to you, but by sharing these with you, I hope to create even more accountability for myself in the weeks ahead.

  1. Hire two new employees to fill the positions that we are currently interviewing for and invest heavily in these people in their first six weeks. I want to help them achieve clarity in their role and integrate them into the culture of CARE for AIDS.
  2. Plan our annual benefit at Summerour Studio in Atlanta and sell 325 tickets for that event. Mark your calendars for October 25th. We’d love to have you there!
  3. Identify the top five highest priority foundations that align with our mission and create a strategy to make personal appeals to them.
  4. Finalize the dates and teams for our Impact trips in March 2013. Our goal is to host two teams totaling 24 participants.
  5. Work closely with the 38 people who traveled to Kenya in June of this year and figure out how to leverage their influence to create new opportunities for Cornel and Duncan’s upcoming trip to the U.S.
  6. Create new partnership strategies for how our donors here connect with the individual centers and staff in Kenya.

This is obviously not a comprehensive list of what my work will entail these next few weeks, but I plan to review this list daily to make sure that we are moving forward in each of these areas.

What are the six areas that you need to focus on in the next six weeks to move your organization, church, or family forward?