We Can Do No Great Things

February 18, 2013

Sometimes working in a ministry or a nonprofit can be tiring.  The need is endless, and the resources are often difficult to come by.  When I consider the many families in Kenya entering the CARE for AIDS program, sometimes even thinking about it is an overwhelming reality that many people are hurting in this world.

Because we were not made for this. The pain and evil in this world was not the original plan. Yet, everyday, we continue to choose our own self interest rather than loving. I feel that in my own bones.

Mother Teresa said, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” 

This has long been a quote that has provided encouragement, yet brutal honesty. As I look around at the work CARE for AIDS is doing, the work that so many incredible organizations and ministries participate in daily, I find myself amazed by the lives it’s touching. But, in reality, we are doing small things compared to the great need.

Small things should never be discounted because they are small,  however, because we may never see the ripples they create. What matters is doing it with love, with intention. 

What small things are we doing right now or what could we do?

Great love is patient and kind. It chooses others before itself and knows its boundaries. Great love consistently hopes the best for others and does its best to live a life that creates space and encouragement for others to flourish.

How are we able to act with great love?

Start small and see what happens.

If you’d like to get involved with some of our work, here is how you can use your influence to love. Only $25 changes a family’s life by providing the tools for them to go through the CARE for AIDS program and experience both physical and relational healing.