The Walk of the Visionary Men

February 7, 2013

This is the third part of Duncan’s version of the founding of CARE for AIDS.  See the first part of the story here and the second part here.  

Happy New Year! The festive period is now over and it’s my hope that this being the Jubilee year here in Kenya, you, as my reader, and I will experience God’s greatness and his faithfulness. Kenya just turned 50 years after independence hence the reason this becomes our Jubilee year. The Jubilee year is the year in which God promised to provide abundantly and all we need to do is sit back and reap what we sowed in the earlier years. I wish you a great 2013 in which you will do nothing but reap from the hard labour you put in the yester years!

Before the festive period we were focusing on the visionary men whom God planted in Kenya in the name of Cornel and Duncan.

After our encounter with God we got a chance from our boss at the time to take American students who were visiting Kenya and wanted to familiarize themselves with the HIV epidemic in Kenya. And this was God’s way of leading us in ways which we could hardly see, as we acted as their hosts and tour guides. This is the time our vision came to see the light of day. God’s ways are truly not man’s, and we know not his plans but we can trust him as he always thinks positively about us. who would have thought that it would take students all the way from America for us to realize our dream and our vision? It takes faith, trusting and obeying God for anybody to realize his/her potential and our story is no exception. Right there we got partners who could jumpstart our vision in a big way. We had always prayed about it and we knew that it would come to be some day. Indeed God knows and has promised to always meet the desires of our hearts and, to this day, this still remains the most miraculous story that I can tell.

Meeting with these students and planning to work with them, marked the beginning of our dream, and what remained after that was to set up the vision and turn it into reality. As the students left, Cornel and I prayed and trusted God to provide us with resources, the right people to work with, and the right systems, not to mention the right churches to work with. Have you ever gotten a gift in your hands but then you realized you didn’t know what to do after that? You are so excited to have it, and in a way you find yourself blank as to what next…. That is the exact place where we found ourselves at. We knew what needed to be done, but there were other major things to consider and clearly we were not going to pull it off the two of us. We needed supporters, resources, and also people who we could reach out and touch, and honestly this didn’t come easy as we had always seen it or thought it to be.

Outside partners assisted us with funds hence that was not at all the issue. The problem was using the money appropriately and wisely. Others seemed to think they knew better what was to be done with the funds than us, and it was clear they had vested interests. Kenyan churches tried misleading us on how to manage the funds, and we were very vulnerable as we could have fallen into many traps. It got to a point where we decided to make very tough decisions in order for us to survive. This took hard decisions like breaking ties with some of our partners in order to progress, and, as it turned out, it was in God’s plan as we couldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t do it.  As we embark on any project or work, it is advisable to seek God’s guidance as not everyone who you consult or comes your way with the intention to help, some will come with the intention of making you fail while some will come with the intention of making themselves better with your resources. There were many lessons to learn too as we sort to begin the journey into realizing our vision.

Our main goal in our vision was to help out people living with HIV and Aids. Reach out to them and make them feel loved and cared for and for them to experience God. For us to do this we had to go round looking for them, talking to them, trying to gain their trust and encouraging them in order to draw them closer. Initially it was very hard to pull this off and it is still very hard for people living with HIV to trust you to an extent of confiding in you. It took great effort prayers and faith to get people who trusted us enough to even work with us. I look back and thank God when I see how many people now trust us and have agreed to work with us. The hand of God continues to be at work as the trust grows day by day.

Whatever it is you start and involve God in, He sustains it and He is always in it hence this far we have come we are greatful to him and can only hope that his grace will always be sufficient to take this vision to greater heights. We are two happy men to this point and we can only hope for more as we gain His favour. Cornel and I are witnesses that God makes a way where there seems to be no way, he does work in ways we cannot see and when we surrender to him he leads us to greener pastures. In this year, may you surrender to God in faith and trust him to open the doors that you have been dreaming of, may you celebrate with me the Jubilee year as you claim your victory.