Part II with Bite an Elephant

March 8, 2013

For the first part of this blog series with Elizabeth Dixon, see Monday’s Post. We’re excited to put up Part II today!

We are picking up with the story of Justin Miller biting the elephant of HIV / AIDS. Please be sure you read Part I because it is incredibly inspiring!
Some of our great takeaways so far have been:
• Tapping into the “inner college student” can see endless possibilities
• Staying focused when others criticize your vision for the future
• Recognizing that every bite of the elephant is significant
• Relentlessly focus on what you do best and avoid distractions

We went on to ask about Justin’s greatest lessons so far and how that has affected how he views the future.

What is the greatest lesson you learned / are learning in the process?
“I have learned that if we are obedient to take that first bite of the elephant, God will be faithful to help us see it through. At times, He will give us the strength or the appetite to eat more than we could ever imagine. He will bring people around you to help take on this huge dream. What this means is that any elephant must be tackled with prayer and perseverance. We must plan, strategize, build teams, and do everything within our power to accomplish this vision, but at critical points in my journey, God has provided the right person or the needed resources to help us in what seemed impossible situations. In those times, I am affirmed that my desire to eat this elephant is not just a personal desire but also one that is from God. I am called to give 100% of my time, energy, and resources, and then trust that he will make up the difference.”


Read the rest of the interview here and see the final post on Monday!