Never Too Young

March 18, 2013

Jenn Stewart

Winston Churchill once said, ” Continuous effort- not strength or intelligence- is the key to unlocking our potential.”

Effort is something our CFAU leaders have not lacked over the past two semesters. While they still have about a month left to reach their goals, our student chapters at Vanderbilt, Furman, and Truman State have worked hard over the last six months to raise awareness and funds for CARE for AIDS clients through letter writing campaigns and events.

It takes a gifted leader to be willing to test out a new fundraising model as a full-time student. First years are always filled with trial and error and an abundance of obstacles. Luckily God blessed us with a great group of college students with a passion and willingness to fight for a cause greater than themselves!

When asked, each of our campus leaders would tell you that they push through the stress and the obstacles of starting a new student organization for two reasons:

1) They each believe it’s important as a college student to get involved in something bigger than yourself. You’re never too young to begin to make a difference.

2) CARE for AIDS is different than other organizations. CARE for AIDS invests and empowers people to change their lives for the long-term.

The hope for each of our current CFAU chapters over the next five years is that they would be a recognized organization on campus that people want and feel a need to be a part of! Our leaders feel that not only is CFAU a way for students to make a direct impact on people infected by HIV/AIDS, but it’s a fun organization to be a part of where students can find a sense of community on their campus.

To find out more about what college students are doing for CFA clients and how you can get involved visit

We wish our campuses luck as they finish out they’re semesters strong. We are proud and amazed by all that they’ve accomplished so far! With their effort we know their potential has no limits.