Is an Impact Trip for me?

January 7, 2013

One of the services CARE for AIDS offers for donors is a chance to see how what they’re giving really is making an impact.

This year we have Impact Trips scheduled for both March and June. These trips will allow donors to see the inside of CARE for AIDS and take notice of the opportunity to give.

So how do you know if an Impact Trip is right for you? 

One thing we incredibly passionate about is a principle that is explained in When Helping Hurts, and that is our desire to support local initiative and not do for others what they are capable of doing for themselves. This is not to push away responsibility, but rather empower local creativity and point out their strengths. After all, they know their culture better than we do! When we listen as much as we talk, we all reap a much greater reward and are able to grow together.

An Impact Trip is an opportunity to see how your gifts, your financial encouragement, is truly empowering rather than creating dependency. You’re putting your money into people who will be the ones raise their families, start new businesses, and affect their society through the love of Jesus. In Impact Trip is an invitation to the conversation at the kitchen table. Whether you’re a business person, church leader, young professional, or family, it’s an opportunity to learn and engage with our ministry.

If that’s something you get excited about, then we’d love to talk to you about joining us!

Have you already been to Kenya with us? What was your best memory?