July Staff Training

July 11, 2012

Every year, all the CFA staff in Kenya gather for training.  This time we held our training in Limuru, which is about 40 minutes away from Nairobi.  This time all 41 of us were gathered for the seminar.  Only one of us, Eunice who is on a maternity leave, missed this session.

This time we were able to learn a lot of things that were very helpful for us to be effective in our work.   The most outstanding for me are some of the ways to stop the spread of HIV. I will mention just but a few of them:

  1.  There is a lot of campaign in voluntary male circumcision because scientific studies shows that male circumcision reduces the risk the risk of getting HIV by 60%.
  2. ABCD way of preventing HIV:
  • A
  • Abstain from sexual intercourse
  • Avoid unprotected sex
  • Advocate for positive behavior change
  • B
  • Be faithful to your partner
  • Basic hygiene should always be observed.
  • Break the silence – talk about AIDS
  • C
  • Correct and consistent use of condom
  • Counseling for the infected person
  • Counseling of uninfected persons and their families
  • D
  • Discuss HIV/AIDS
  • De-stigmatize HIV and AIDS

3.         Behavior change.  This means people will have to change their life style.

4.         Advocacy and lobbying for societal change and reduction of denial

5.         Sexually transmitted infection management.


  1. High viral load during pregnancy resulting from new infection/re-infection.
  2. Low CD4 lymphocyte count.  If the CD4 count is low then the viral load is up.
  3. Other infections during pregnancy (e.g malaria/STDs).
  4. Vitamin A deficiency.
  5. Vaginal delivery. Should be avoided because the bleedings.
  6. Pre- maturity delivery before 34 weeks of pregnancy.
  7. Lack of ARVs during pregnancy. This means that the viral load will be up and the chances of passing the virus to the baby.

I have written these to let you know some of the new reasons as to how and why HIV is still spreading. We are grateful for these trainings, so that we can become more aware of these facts. Knowing these things will help us to fight HIV and continue ministering to those living with HIV/AIDS!