Elizabeth’s Story

July 19, 2012

During our home visit with the impact team on June of this year, I managed to visit Elizabeth in her home. Elizabeth is married and a mother of one child. She is such a wonderful lady, very welcoming and has a heart for people.  Elizabeth was tested with HIV+ in 2004, but her husband was tested negative. The husband took it positively and accepted her the way she was. Together with her husband and her son, they live in a single room house in the Ruiru area.

Before Elizabeth joined our program at Kitambaa center, she was bed-ridden for almost one year and she could not do anything by herself. She came to know about our services through a social worker in the community. She was among the lucky 80 people who joined our program and since then she has encountered a lot of positive progress with her health. When we visited her she shared with us that it was because of the program that she can now walk and has hope to live. She said she met people who love and have a great concern about her life and her family.

Agrey and Esther, our two staff at the center, have been very close with her and have provided a lot of support to her. They have taken good care for her. She was among a few clients in the center that benefited with a first aid kit from the center. The multivitamins packed in the kit is of great help to her. Two months down the line she can walk to the center once per week, which she could not do before she joined us. This is a great praise and very promising for her health! Now she can attend some of her duties in the house and prepare her son for school in the morning. She feels stronger physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Elizabeth still has a great concern for her husband, though. She sees that caring for her is getting too much for him some times. With her sicknesses, the husband turned to drinking alcohol.  Though he is not violent, Elizabeth is worried that this might affect him and the family. She says that the husband gets drunk most when they are going through problems like sickness or when the bills are too high. After they clear the bills and the sickness is gone, he stops drinking, so her prayer is that she can get completely well and assist her husband in providing for family needs.

Her greatest joy is her son Frankline, who is now 7yrs old.  He is in grade one doing well in his studies, and he is HIV negative. This gives great hope to Elizabeth and she is a proud mother to her son.  You can see them in the photo.

Even with trials and challenges, there is a lot of hope in Elizabeth’s life, and she really thanks God for bringing very caring people in her life through CARE for AIDS. She believes that she is going to be well soon and will resume her daily duties and see her son grow.  Let’s all praise God for her hope and share in her prayers!