Becoming a Family

June 26, 2012

One of the exciting parts of our Impact Trips to Kenya this month was the chance to include several families with parents and kids.  We got to host middle school, high-schoolers, and college students, and it was amazing to experience Kenya and CARE for AIDS again through their eyes!  Following are some comments from Miles Flora, a high school student who traveled with his father and two older brothers to Kenya last week…

“Today is Saturday June 16th. We went to visit clients in their homes. It was incredible how different things are here compared to the States. There were goats walking in the middle of the streets, stray dogs, litter everywhere, even little kids using old bicycle tires as hula hoops…We passed a college here called Nairobi Institute of Business Studies, or NIBS. I was amazed how it didn’t even compare to the smallest college in Georgia.”

“We got to spend Father’s Day in Kiganjo at Deliverance Church. Everyone went on stage together and introduced themselves. It was very interesting having what we say translated into Swahili. Justin went up before us, and once we finished he invited Barry up to give a message to the people. It was incredible having Duncan translate every word Barry spoke. The story he was preaching was that of John the Baptist. John said he was here for prepare the way for Jesus. Maybe we are too. We need to make our lives smaller so that God’s becomes bigger.

“We broke for lunch at local a restaurant where we were served chicken, vegetables, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes and goat!! After that, we went to one final house visit where we were going to help prepare supper with the client. Everyone had their own responsibility and contribution to the dinner making. But none of it would be possible without the supervision and guidance of our hosts. The experience was invaluable. Their home, garden, and even their ground started to look different to us, as we became more of a family to them.

Miles helps to cook dinner with a client’s family

Miles helps to cook dinner with a client’s family