October 26, 2012

If you have asked me about coming to America whether i enjoy it or not!  The answer is a big YES, i do enjoy coming to America because there is always something happening to our life for the first time.

Last year in my blog post i said that i visited a real doctor for the first time.  In my life, the highest medical practitioner that i have ever visited was a nurse, but i was privileged to visit a doctor for the first time in America last year.  This year another record is broken.  Yesterday we visited a dentist for the first time for our teeth to be cleaned.    Some body once asked me “Cornel, your teeth are very good, how often do you visit the dentist?”  I did not have the answer then but today i have the answer. ” I always visit dentist after every 35 years” (my age now).  I have always wanted an answer to this question- therefore, today i have given the answer!

When i heard that we will visit a dentist, i had a mixed feeling.  I was happy because i will visit a dentist for the first time but the same time i was scared.  I was scared of what the dentist will think of me or the cleaning of a 35 years collection of dirt.  To my surprise Dr Gail McLaurin, was really up to the task.  I realized that she had been doing the same thing to many other people who are less privileged like us.  I was encouraged to see that my brothers from Sudan had been receiving help from the same person.  I built confidence after realizing that she had dealt with other African teeth.

I was the first one to go, but i could feel she was dealing with hard staff.  But i would say what she removed from my teeth were like pebbles.  When she started working on Duncan, i saw one rock after the other coming between the teeth.  I wish i collected them, maybe it would have filled a bowl.   By the time she was done with Duncan, his mouth was full of blood.  It reminded of our national parks and how you would see the big cats eating a kill with blood all over their mouth.  That is exactly how Duncan’s mouth was.  But i also realized something with Dr Gail McLaurin, she has a big heart.  If i was a dentist, i would delegate someone to work on the teeth like these.  She did it herself with gladness.  I thank God for her.

Our being in America is more than Me and Duncan visiting the dentist for the first time.  It is an opportunity to give LIFE to many Kenyans who are more less privileged than Duncan and I.  I am excited about visiting the dentist for the first time, but somebody is excited that CFA has enabled them to have one meal in a day.

Thank you America, for breakingrecords in my life, I am excited to be back next year.