Visionary men in the heart of Kenya (part 2)

November 13, 2012

This is the second part of Duncan’s version of the founding of CARE for AIDS.  See the first half of the story here

A memorable day for us was this day when we experienced a heart breaking moment; a woman (living with HIV/AIDS) whom we had visited in her house turned us away, claiming that the Jesus we preached was not real and if he was, he never cared. It was hard to convince her otherwise, as she had been in bed for years, deserted by her immediate family members and isolated by the society. All she waited for in her grass-thatched hut in the bush was death. This happened at a time when stigma related to HIV/AIDS was rife.  The society believed one was either bewitched or one had committed the worst unforgivable sin in the world and one deserved death.

One sunny day after a morning of door to door evangelism, Cornel and I were seated under a tree, and for the first time like it happened during the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon us. Hearing God speak is one of the encounters with the father that has brought all the difference in my life. It was a revelation which came simultaneously to both of us. Cornel who is a no-nonsense person could have passed for Mr. bean on this day. The amazing thing is that he was telling a story which I already knew.  I could tell what he was to say next and had to stop him in between to continue myself, and he was amazingly in agreement. It was a two hour talk in which we finished each other’s sentences, and we felt like we were blind but at that particular moment we could see. God had opened our eyes and a vision was borne right there. It was an amazing miraculous revelation. The one memorable moment is that at the end of the two hours which seemed like minutes we knelt down, surrendered to God and said that if this was truly his will, we will sure do it.

In 2007, five years after the encounter with God, we were working for a team-building company and the boss in the company, through God’s direction, sent us out for a mission.  It later turned out to be loss for that company, as this was the time we left that company. She had met these college students from the US who wanted to explore Africa so to familiarize themselves with the HIV/AIDS reality, and like any other college student in America, they wanted to produce a documentary. She requested us to be their hosts as well as their tour guides in our country.

For the American college students, little did they too know that they had been sent by God to fulfill one of God’s work of rescuing the leapers of today through Cornel and I. This was the time we met Justin and people like Zack, Josh and a camera/videographer John. Justin, together with his college mates, teamed up with Cornel and I, and together we formed what is today known as CARE for AIDS in both Kenya and the USA.

One thing is very clear: God orchestrated the whole process in meeting the needs of his people through an incredible way like am telling it today. Join me as I tell you more about my  personal life, changing lessons, my walk with God, and how He has walked with me through listening and obeying his call.

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