Visionary Men in the Heart of Kenya (part 1)

October 30, 2012

ed. note: Duncan, Cornel, Rose, and Irene are starting the trip back to Kenya, and Duncan wants to share some of the story of CARE for AIDS’s beginnings with those of you who did not get to hear from them this month.  In this post and in a future continuation, he looks back on the very beginning…

When one hears of visionary men, we always think of those who have material wealth, but hardly do we ever think of those who have made a difference in the society we live in. Duncan Kimani, Cornel Onyango, Justin Miller, Nick Gordon, and Caleb Davison, among others who work for CARE for AIDS, are some of these men whose work in the society cannot go unnoticed.

When God created man, he gave him the ability to think and hence become creative; the mind of a visionary is perhaps God’s greatest creation. The ability to see a normal destination, and still understand and appreciate the potential it has is a truly worthwhile gift to have.  Pursuing this potentiality is the greatest of them all. The world’s greatest and successful people are those who have been able to acquire/grab this ability. As Roosevelt once said, the future belongs to they that believe in the beauty of their dreams. Hence these are people who not only dared to dream but are now pursuing their dreams and are already reaping great gains from their ideas/dreams.

Some of the renowned visionary men are the likes of Bill Gates, who founded one of the most successful technological firms in the world, and was ranked as the richest man in the world several times over. Steve Jobs is another who changed the entire world by inventing incredibly clever concepts in technology which include the iPhone and iPad.

The list also includes Warren Buffet, also known as“The oracle of Omaha”, he is widely regarded as one of the most successful investors in the world.  He is the primary shareholder, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, and has consistently been ranked among the world’s wealthiest person since 2008. As much as these men stand at the very top, they are not perfectionists; they have done their fair share of mistakes but that didn’t stop them from pursuing their dreams.

Renowned biblical man of faith Abraham was too a visionary man.  At the age of 75 years he left his homeland as he followed God’s command and he went and settled in Canaan. He left to unknown land but trusted God to take him to wherever he wanted him to go. God promised to bless him, make his name great and make him the father of nations. He got a son (Isaac) with his wife at the age of 100, and to this day through Isaac he became the father of the Israelites. He is regarded to have played a critical role in not only Christianity but Judaism and Islam.

For Duncan Kimani, after graduating from high school, I had a feeling that God was calling me and I joined bible school, which later on took me to a seminary. While at the seminary God allowed me to meet and see great experiences of what the society was going through and many of these experiences ripped my heart apart.

I visited homes  and many people were in their beds helpless and he could not stand seeing the pain of isolation and the stigma which they were going through. Together with me in ministry was Cornel Onyango, whom I always refer to as “my Paul”. The two of us had the same vision: to spread the word of God and to reach out to the less fortunate in the society.  We both suffered walking miles in order to spread the gospel. We  would go for months without taking a shower or a bath, not because we  were allergic to water (true for Cornel, he hates water even today ha ha), but because the only available water was a bottle of drinking water to take us for a week. In the scorching sun, we spent daysspreading the good news to the less fortunate within our society. And in spite of all these struggles we never lost our vision at any one time…(to be continued)