Our Friend Dylan Pierce

November 20, 2012

Several years ago, Dylan Pierce went on a Impact Trip with CARE for AIDS and was inspired by the hope and joy he saw in the people he met despite the pain they shared with him. Dylan,  a local Atlantan watercolor artist, says “as I paint, I often think about God; how we are made in his image and reflect his creativity. The beauty of God’s varied wonders motivates me – everything that lives, crawls and breathes in our glorious world is inspiring – wildlife, plants, and people – especially children!” Dylan started painting when he was 11 and has an inspiring gift.

We’re thankful for the beauty that Dylan shares through his art and his friendship with CARE for AIDS. If you’d like to order one of his paintings or see more of his work, visit his website www.dylanpierce.com

Video not working?  See it on YouTube here:  http://youtu.be/9WTbySsg-1c