Let me introduce you to…Scott Tanksley

December 17, 2012

In working with CARE for AIDS, I have the privilege of meeting some incredible leaders across all sectors of business and ministry. I am always inspired by their stories and challenged in my own leadership. Periodically, I will be sharing with you video interviews with these leaders because I think they will add value to your life and leadership as well.

In the following interview, Scott Tanksley shares his insights on the following three topics:

  • What made him leave the security of his former job to start Meals with a Mission
  • Words of advice for those wanting to start an organization
  • What is Meals and a Mission and how someone could use it to support CARE for AIDS

Scott Tanksley is the Founder of Meals with a Mission. Scott is a bold leader who believes that generosity and philanthropy don’t have to exist in isolation or solitude, but that these “bright spots” in our lives ought to be shared with those closest to us. Meals with a Mission has created an innovative model that works within a workplace or among a group of friends. The result is a greater understanding of the causes and issues that your peers are passionate about and the integration of generosity into our everyday lives and conversations. But ultimately, it helps mobilize more resources and more advocates for organizations doing great work around the world.

I would strongly urge each of you to consider hosting a meal as Scott has outlined above. It is simple, and you will be amazed at the outcome. For those of you who support CARE for AIDS, this is a great opportunity to share our vision among your friends. When everyone votes on which cause they want to support at the end of a meal, CFA may not win the vote, but you will have shared the story and created awareness in the process.

Thanks, Scott, for your time and your passion. To learn more visit their website or follow them on Twitter @mealwithmission.

Do you find it hard or awkward to share the causes that you are passionate about in your everyday life? Does the idea of having a forum like a meal, where everyone has a cause, alleviate some of that anxiety?