Happy Birthday Bobby!

September 25, 2012

Today is Bobby McGraw’s birthday, but he’s not asking for a new iPhone (at least not from us!).  Instead, he is asking his friends and family to help him respond to his experience last week in Kenya on a CFA Impact Trip.  Bobby wrote a fantastic blog postabout his experience – please check out his story and photos at his site here:


If you don’t get a chance to read his post, here’s the gist.  Bobby saw firsthand in Kenya the difference it makes for a Kenyan parent to live 25 years instead of 2-5 years.  Each one of those extra years of life is another year to work to support a family, raise a child at home, and provide education and a future for the next generation.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.05.45 AM.png

Bobby wants his friends and family to celebrate his birthday by helping to add years to the lives of those parents in Kenya.  What an amazing example of finding a way where we are to help people who truly need it!

We hope his story inspires you, too.  What can you do – right where you are, with the people you are around – to make a difference in Kenya?  It doesn’t take much, but we would love your help…