Elections in Kenya

December 19, 2012

Today, I would just love to open up my brain and share with you what is happening in it right now concerning our forthcoming general election on March 4th.

My beloved country is 49 years since its independence. But since then, we have had only 3 presidents (not good at all).  Fortunately, we recently promulgated a new constitution.  That means our elections will be more democratic than it had been before in the past.

My problem now begins:  Kenyans have a history of voting along tribal lines (we are 42 different tribes).  That is why during every election year there is alot of animosity.  I am worried that Kenyans may begin killing each other because their presidential candidate lost.  It happened in 2007/2008, so this is not just an hypothesis.  I am also worried that incase the violence broke out, where will I run with my wife and children?

I am also worried that good leaders may not be elected.  Instead, we may elect people who celebrate the new constitution for wrong reasons. Our constitution is a big step towards democracy.  But to some of the candidates this is a democracy for kicking God out of our systems and many other vices.  Politicians are hunting for votes and in this process they would want to please everybody just to get their votes.

From the little history I know, America was founded on God.  It has been about 236 years since their independence.  In the earlier years of their independence, God was seen and respected by almost all the institutions.  But today, He is in very few institutions like in Christian schools or in the churches.  We still enjoy praying in the public institutions like in public schools, in the streets and many other more places.  But I am a worried man.  All these are soon eroding away as we move further away from the independence just like the Americans. I am saying so because I can see the candidates who have presented themselves to us.  Some of them do not even qualify to be called a father,but look they are soon capturing some serious positions in our land and then our children will began aping them as role models. I hate it!

Everyone out there!  Please commit our beloved country to God.  So that God may give us a man or woman who who respect Him and have values.  Our country is at a crossroads and if we don’t elect good leaders we may lose the freedom of worship that we enjoy today.  So prayer! Prayer! Prayer!