Creating Creativity

October 18, 2012

As our administration team was talking last week, we came to a profound insight. It’s something that professors did not teach in my Development or Economic classes. Our staff realized how important creativity is for someone our clients to come out of material poverty. It may sound obvious, but it’s not something I see anyone teaching here. Making money in a country with rampant poverty and high unemployment takes a huge amount of creativity. But most people have not been empowered to think this way. If entrepreneurs and strategic businesses need to be creative, then don’t HIV infected men and women living in a developing country need to be creative?

The hope we have as Christians is that we are made in the image of God! We are special and unique. We are all created with specific talents, skills, and a different way of thinking. As a staff, we realized that a key to helping our clients would be teaching them how to use their innate creativity. But how do we teach that?

For most people, creativity comes from being exposed to many different ideas. It comes from being in a culture or environment of new and innovative ideas. That is a luxury that many of the clients have not had. Despite this fact, we have still seen clients make some incredible products! It seems to correlate that those who are more creative have the opportunity to be more successful. So how do you replicate that creativity, ingenuity, and vision with everyone?

I know I do not have all the answers, so I would rather this be more of a discussion than a blog post. Our staff has committed to designing a seminar for clients that will teach how to think creatively specifically in business and with income generating skills. So tell me, how can we help clients to think creatively and fulfill their God-given desire to work and provide for their families?

Some of the products made by our clients in Kawangware.