Jenn Stewart

December 6, 2012

We’re excited to introduce you to CFAU, our newest collegiate fundraising model. In the past our collegiate fundraising has only consisted of hosting a textbook drive at the end of each semester. While all of our student representatives did a great job encouraging their peers to donate their textbooks, we knew we were missing out on a huge opportunity to partner with one of the most influential generations.

With CFAU we are confident that our student Ambassadors have the ability to impact CARE for AIDS in tremendous ways. So in August we asked three of our strongest leaders to partner with us in making this idea a reality. Instead of just textbook crives, our CFAU chapters spend an entire academic year hosting events to raise awareness and funds for CARE for AIDS. They have been challenged with, and accepted, a fundraising goal of $50,000 per campus! That’s enough to support two of our centers.

The week before Thanksgiving all of our student executive and committee members launched one of their largest fundraising efforts through a letter-writing campaign. We have seen tremendous support from friends in family in a short, but busy, three weeks. In the Spring they will be recruiting CFAU Ambassadors to launch a second round of letter-writing campaigns.

We feel blessed to have such amazing college students partnering with us to make a difference in the lives of our Kenyan clients. Even though most of them have never been to Kenya, or Africa for that matter, I am continuously amazed by the passion each of our members has to serve CARE for AIDS. Each time I visit one of our campuses or talk with one of them on the phone, I am filled with excitement for the potential they have to make a difference not only for each of our clients, but on their campuses as well.

We are excited about CFAU and to watch a generation of young adults impact the lives of Kenyans. We hope to expand CFAU to other campuses over the next few years and create opportunities for more college students to partner with CARE for AIDS. To find out more about CFAU or to support one of our campuses you can visit us on our website under the get involved tab.