Nyalenda Center

The Nyalenda slum is the largest slum in Kisumu, stretching along the southern border of the city from the Nairobi Highway to Lake Victoria. Most of the community members live in temporary structures made of corrugated tin sheeting. There is little to no running water or electricity in the area. The majority of the residents in Nyalenda are from the Luo Tribe, which has an infection rate of over 20%- the highest tribal infection rate in Kenya. Luo cultural traditions like wife inheritance, along with poor health infrastructure, contribute to the high infection rate in the community. 

Health Counselor: Monica Achieng Monica and her husband Silvester have two sons. Monica has a background in counseling and community development and also worked as a caterer for many years before joining the CARE for AIDS team. 

Spiritual Counselor: Festus Odour Festus is from a small village in Kisumu called Karungu. He has a background in counseling and has been serving as the Spiritual Counselor at Nyalenda Center since 2010.