Waithaka Center

Waithaka is a large, densely populated slum in Nairobi with a high HIV/AIDS infection rate. The CARE for AIDS center in Waithaka opened in January of 2014, and the program has been met with excitement from church leaders and community members. Our partner church is called Redeemed Gospel Church, led by Rev. Kariuki. 


Spiritual Counselor: Linus

Linus has worked as an evangelist and pastor for many years and loves his work with the clients in the CARE for AIDS program in Waithaka. He is passionate about sharing the Gospel and leading clients into a deeper relationship with Christ. 




Health Counselor: Dorcas

Dorcas is passionate about her work with CARE for AIDS- she loves empowering clients to care for their children and is inspired by the change she sees in each class over the nine-month program. Dorcas volunteers as a worship leader at her church, and loves singing and leading worship with the CARE for AIDS clients during seminars and prayer meetings.