Mtwapa Center

Mtwapa is known in Mombasa and throughout Kenya for its sex industry. It is located on Malindi Highway in Mombasa, and has an estimated population of 100,000. The HIV infection rate is currently at 5.4%. The population is growing at a rapid rate because of the tourist industry and an influx of big business (Coastal Bottlers, a Coca-Cola bottling plant is located in town). These factors combined with the prevalence of Islam have created a difficult environment for many church leaders. We are confident that with the right church partnership, we can make a huge impact in this community through the CARE for AIDS program. 

Mukuru Kwa Njenga

Mukuru Kwa Njenga is a slum bordered by the airport, the Industrial District, and a area of town called Taasia. This community is right in the middle of the intersection of affluence, industry, and export, but those living in Mukuru are experiencing abject poverty. Most of the community members are from the Kamba tribe and work in the neighboring Industrial District. 

Health Counselor: Joyline Wiyema

Joyline and her husband, Steven, have have one daughter. Joyline studied Medical Counseling at the Kenya Institute for Social Work is thrilled about the opportunity to work with CARE for AIDS in her community.

Client Story

Peris is 29 years old and is the mother of two beautiful little boys. When she disclosed her HIV status to her husband he left her and the boys to fend for themselves. She quickly became very depressed and feared for her children’s future. At one point, she considered killing her sons and then taking her own life. In her mind, death was better than the life of an orphan.

By the grace of God, a community health worker introduced Peris to the CARE for AIDS program in her community (Mukuru Kwa Njenga) and she joined the first class of clients in May of 2015. Prior to coming to the program, Peris had worked as a casual laborer at a large construction site near her home. This hard labor made her heath deteriorate quickly, and by the time she joined the CARE for AIDS program she was nearly bedridden.

After a few months of counseling and receiving nutrition supplements from the CARE for AIDS center, Peris’ health and emotional outlook began to improve. She particularly enjoyed the bi-monthly economic empowerment seminars, and picked up skills like cake baking very quickly.

Today Peris runs a small cake business out of her house and no longer has to work as a casual laborer. In fact, the construction workers near her home are her most loyal customers. 

When asked about her experience at CARE for AIDS Peris says:

"Today I am not the same weak miserable girl I was nine months ago... I am alive together with my children and together we will live."

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Rongai Center

Rongai is a slum community in Naiorbi with a high prevalence of HIV infection. CARE for AIDS began operating a center in the Rongai community in partnership with Apostolic Faith Church in February of 2016. 

Health Counselor: Faith Katiti






Spiritual Counselor: Peter Maina

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Kongowea Center

The CARE for AIDS center in Kongowea opened in late 2015 in the Kongowea slum in Mombasa. The community was excited to have the program and recruitment was quick, with many potential clients on the list for our next phase. 

Spiritual Counselor: Catherine Kahuhe






Health Counselor: James Mshenga

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