Mukuru Kwa Njenga

Mukuru Kwa Njenga is a slum bordered by the airport, the Industrial District, and a area of town called Taasia. This community is right in the middle of the intersection of affluence, industry, and export, but those living in Mukuru are experiencing abject poverty. Most of the community members are from the Kamba tribe and work in the neighboring Industrial District. 

Spiritual Counselor: Erick Mkenya Erick and his wife, Ruth, have four children and live in the Mukuru community. He had heard of the CARE for AIDS program prior to the partnership with Tumani City Mission (our partner church in Mukuru) and says his favorite part of the program is that "we lift people up. We carry the hearts of people. We walk with them and care for them."

Medical Counselor: Joyline Wiyema Joyline and her husband, Steven, have have one daughter. Joyline studied Medical Counseling at the Kenya Institute for Social Work is thrilled about the opportunity to work with CARE for AIDS in her community. 

Kongowea Center

The CARE for AIDS center in Kongowea opened in late 2015 in the Kongowea slum in Mombasa. The community was excited to have the program and recruitment was quick, with many potential clients on the list for our next phase. 

Spiritual Counselor: 

Medical Counselor: